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Upcoming performances! Tomorrow!

It's in the air....are you feeling it? I sure am! My favourite season is here. Why is it my fave? CHANGE. You know it’s coming…and I love it! Once again I have so much to tell you with tons going on! 

First and foremost this Saturday(tomorrow Sept 26th)! I am so honoured and excited to be a part of the One Wave Festival happening in Victoria. On top of that, I have been collaborating with Aboriginal artist Francis Dick. What an amazing journey it has been, and we’re just getting started! 

Second, this is the first performance I will be doing as Anneda Loup. I realize with all my projects it can be hard to keep track, but I have been working on the culmination of Anneda Loup for quite some time now and it’s finally coming together! Here is a bit about who Anneda Loup is, who Francis Dick is, and what we will be doing at the festival! 

September 26th performing live at Victoria's One Wave Festival, Anneda Loup and Francis Dick create a new perspective. 

A live musical collaboration between a contemporary Aboriginal artist and a touring performer/musician is unique unto itself, then add a full band and you have a one of a kind performance that is about to happen at One Wave Festival Sept 26th at 2pm in Victoria's Centennial square. Traditional songs sung by Francis Dick from her culture, then transformed through Anneda Loup's songwriting and music to be complete with a full band. 

One Wave is a Pacific arts and culture festival that celebrates our connections to the Pacific, and inspires action on issues affecting Pacific communities. Our vision is of one wave: one movement coming together to care for our lands, waters and peoples. Bringing together local organizations, artists, and musicians, One Wave features diverse expressions of Pacific culture.

About Anneda Loup

Straight from the depths of the SOUL, from the far reaches of the mind, comes music to awaken you from the slumber of the mundane everyday. 
To enhance your awareness and to enrapture your gut instincts within, only to have them expand into the unknown. 

Anneda Loup is a culmination of 10 years of soul searching, lessons learned, obstacles overcome, and inner awakenings. With more than 12 years of performances across Canada, through countless acts, bands, songs, and recordings, Anneda Loup has found her wings, is ready to fly and is truly a reflection of one human spirit relating to all. 

Francis Dick is a contemporary aboriginal artist and a member of the Kwakwaka'wakw Nation. She is a descendant of the supernatural Wolf, Kawadelekala, who became the first of the Kingcome people.The image of this mythical being is prominent in much of Francis Dick’s native art, acknowledging her contemporary ties to her cultural heritage. Francis holds this very near to the centre of her spirit, as she relies on this hereditary knowledge for her strength. Although Francis Dick’s primary forms of artistic expression have been her aboriginal paintings, prints and singing, she also works with gold and silver, and is an accomplished writer and performer of native ceremonies.

We will also be performing these songs at Lucky Bar in Victoria on Wednesday evening(Sept 30th). 

Hope to catch you there! 

Last but not least my video is slowly coming together! I’m so excited about it! 

I will let you know when it’s done and be sure to share asap! 

So much LOVE and thank you for your continuous support and LOVE back! It means the WORLD to me!